SWEETHOME, OREGON, USA, November 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the bustling heart of Sweethome, Orgeon, Advanced Tree Management LLC, led by owners Austin and Kayla Cohn, is not just a tree care business; it’s a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships. Advanced Tree Managment’s journey to becoming an industry leader is intrinsically linked to its collaboration with Tree Leads Today (TLT), a pioneering marketing company specializing in delivering exclusive leads to tree care and removal businesses.

Operating across a vast territory encompassing towns like Corvallis, Lebanon, Albany, and Springfield, and serving Benton, Linn, and Lane Counties, Advanced Tree Management has rapidly become a beacon of excellence in Oregon’s tree care industry known for its prompt services, and friendly and knowledgeable crew. The company is praised for its efficiency and cleanliness, leaving no trace of their work behind. The positive reviews from satisfied customers are a testament to the company’s dedication and commitment to its clients. However, the game-changing impact of TLT has elevated the company to unprecedented heights.

An industry veteran and lead climber and operator, Mr. Cohn underscores the impact of the partnership: “We are a fairly new company and TLT has helped us stay busy with work. I don’t have to worry about leads. All I have to do is just get on the phone with Sindy and ask for more leads.” The results have been nothing short of astonishing, with revenue skyrocketing by 60% or more in just one year.

This transformative journey has enabled the Cohn’s to refocus their energy on business growth and development. He shares, ” The call volume is great, and this partnership has helped us scale our business tremendously. We are very grateful for everything they’ve done for us so far.” This strategic pivot has empowered Advanced Tree Management to provide top-notch tree care services to its clients.

Kayla underscores the importance of exclusive leads provided by TLT, stating, “We are the only company that gets the leads. We are not bidding against other tree companies, especially those who might not have insurance, the proper experience, or equipment, and therefore, underprice themselves.” This exclusivity not only guarantees Advanced Tree Management a competitive edge but also ensures that clients receive top-quality service.

Safety and trust are paramount for Advanced Tree Management. Austin emphasizes the significance of insurance in the tree care industry. “The first thing to address when considering a tree company is their liability insurance. Unfortunately, it’s often not thought of until it’s too late if damage does happen,” he cautions. “Getting an uninsured tree company to pay for and fix damages could be very difficult and leave homeowners in a stressful situation with unexpected expenses and losses.”

Nationwide reports indicate that many tree care companies operate without insurance, making it crucial for homeowners to prioritize insurance when selecting a tree service provider. Cohn assures his customers, “I am fully insured, ISA licensed, BBB accredited, and possess extensive experience in handling large tree jobs, both residential and commercial.”

The importance of experience in the tree care industry cannot be overstated. Cohn advises, “I recommend making sure that the tree company you choose has a lot of experience. Without experience and the knowledge, a tree service can be a hazard to both your trees and your property. Removing a tree involves attention, precautions, and strategizing, and you don’t want an inexperienced company attempting such complex work.”

In conclusion, Advanced Tree Management’s journey exemplifies the positive transformation that results from partnering with Tree Leads Today. TLT has not only enhanced their competitive advantage but has also elevated safety standards in the industry, reaffirming their commitment to quality and trust.

For more information about Advanced Tree Management and their tree care services, please contact Austin and Kayla Cohn at 541-570-0928 or via email at [email protected].

About Tree Leads Today:

Tree Leads Today (TLT) is a premier marketing company specializing in providing exclusive leads to tree care and removal businesses. TLT’s innovative lead generation techniques help tree care companies achieve outstanding success. To contact Tree Leads Today: https://www.TreeLeadsToday.com | (610) 227-6290.

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