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Jun 23, 2023

Loti has launched innovative new services, employing advanced facial recognition technology, to combat the non-consensual sharing of intimate images and unauthorized distribution of adult content online.

Loti, an innovative technology company specializing in digital privacy and copyright protection, today announced the launch of its pioneering new services that leverage state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to safeguard personal and intellectual property across the adult web.

The product is set to revolutionize the digital landscape, offering crucial solutions to two distinct yet interconnected issues: non-consensual sharing of intimate images, often referred to as ‘revenge porn’, and the unauthorized distribution of adult content created by professionals.

Solution for Non-Consensual Image Sharing
For victims of non-consensual intimate image sharing, Loti’s newly unveiled service offers a lifeline. Harnessing the power of advanced facial recognition, the technology can search through tens of millions of images and videos, identifying offending content that has been shared without consent. Once the content is found, Loti assists in the expedited removal process, prioritizing the dignity and peace of mind of those affected.

Solution for Professional Adult Content Creators
For adult content creators, Loti is empowering them to retain control over their work. This service locates unauthorized leaks or stolen content across the expanse of the adult web, ensuring creators are compensated for their efforts, and maintaining the integrity of their brand.

“Our facial recognition technology is capable of performing regular, large-scale sweeps of the internet, identifying and flagging any unauthorized use of images and videos. This not only protects those who may find themselves victimized by the non-consensual sharing of intimate images, but also serves as a strong tool for adult content creators to protect their intellectual property,” said Rebekah Arrigoni, CEO of Loti.

Loti’s commitment to digital privacy and intellectual property rights has made it an industry leader. The launch of these new services represents the next step in their mission to create a safer and fairer digital world.

About Loti
Loti is a tech-forward company dedicated to pioneering solutions for digital privacy and intellectual property protection. With a focus on advanced facial recognition technology, the company offers unique tools and services to safeguard personal dignity and professional content online. For more information, please visit

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